Importance of Ride Share Cameras

3 Reasons Why You Should Want a Ride Share Camera (And What to Look For When Buying One)

Ride share apps and the taxi industry in general are booming with new riders experiencing the likes of Uber and Lyft for the first time every day.

So naturally, along with all the people wanting rides, there's never been a better time to be a driver available for hire. A lot of drivers in these situations are essentially freelancers or independent contractors, which means in practice that you're often expected to provide your own equipment.

Along with all those oil changes and tune-ups at the garage, however, there are at least three really good reasons why ride share cameras, or dash cams, are a must-have for anyone who works as a professional driver.

How Does a Ride Share Camera Help You?

1. Protect Yourself

Most people don't see it this way, but when you pick up a rider, you're both in a vulnerable position. There's the obvious vulnerability on the part of the passenger, but what about you?

If the situation were to go bad or if a rider were to behave abusively, who would onlookers be more likely to believe? What are companies like Uber or Lyft supposed to do when a driver is accused of unprofessional, or worse, of criminal behavior?

The truth is, taxi companies and ride share companies are in this business to make money. They're not going to protect your interests over their own.

A dash cam gives you recorded video evidence that will tell the full story to anyone who needs it.

2. Be Prepared In Case of an Accident

Simply because you're driving more often than most, you never know when you'll witness an accident, or worse, when you'll be in an accident.

When there's ambiguity about who was at fault and a whole lot of he said, she said eyewitness testimony floating about, it can delay and substantially reduce your insurance payouts.

A dash cam will tell the story in crisp and clear picture and will help ensure that you get the full settlement amount that you're entitled to and not a penny less.

3. Reassure Riders

Remember how we mentioned that riders are just as vulnerable as you are in your capacity as a rideshare or taxi driver?

Well, it goes without saying that riders are often taking a risk by getting into a car with someone they don't know. There are plenty of horror stories floating around the Internet if you're curious.

The presence of a dash cam lets riders know that you're a professional and that you're not going to try anything that would leave them feeling unsafe or uncomfortable. This in turn allows them to relax and feel at ease with you as their driver, which is good for repeat business.

What Should You Look For in a Ride Share Camera?

So now that we've talked about why you would want a ride share camera, we're going to quickly mention the qualities that you should be looking for when you buy one.

We think that you can often narrow down your search with the help of three questions:

1. Are the image, audio, and video formats common?

2. Is the camera quality clear?

3. Will this dash cam be difficult to install?

For ease of reference, here are the general specs you'll want to look for:

  • .AVI, .WMV, .MP4 video formats
  • .JPG, .PNG image formats
  • At least 720p, or 1080p if possible
  • A minimum of 20 to 40 GB of memory if not more
  • PC connectivity

If you have a dash cam with these features, you can't go wrong.


Ride share apps and the taxi industry represent an excellent opportunity to make money and set your own hours with a common skill.

Although there's no question that these jobs can be a financial life saver, it's important to realize that every time you pick up a rider, your reputation and potentially driving as a source of income is on the line. Done right, a dash cam can save you a lot of grief in more ways than one.

Consider picking one up today.

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