Sony IP69 Color Heated Camera - Mini


Sony IP69 Mini

Standing almost at tall as a AA Battery, the IP69 Mini is a marvel of the electronics world. Packed with a heating system, Infared Capability, adjustable shade, adjustable camera angle, and a 150 degree viewing angle, the IP69 camera is superior to almost every camera on the market.

 IP 69 Mini Features

  • Designed for Extreme Environments
  • 1/3” Sony Super HAD Color CCD
  • Built in Heating System
  • Ultra wide 150° viewing angle
  • IP69 Waterproof
  • Salt & Rust Tested
  • Vibration Rating 20G
  • Excellent Night View w/IR LED
  • Normal/Mirror Image support
  • High Sensitivity Microphone (Audio)

    IP69 System Integration Capability

    The IP69 mini is capable of being paired with any of our Extreme Duty camera systems including: