Full HD Car Black Box - ROAD VIEW Dash Cam (Consumer Grade)

The 1080P HD Color Dash Camera is a great addition for fleet and consumer vehicles alike.  Coming standard with an embedded road view camera, color playback screen, and the capability to store 64GB of memory, this camera is great for defeating dangerous driving.
  • 1 Channel 1080P HD Color Dash Camera System
  • Embedded Road View Camera & 3.5” LCD Color Playback Screen
  • GPS Location, Speed, G-Force, and Accelerometer captures driving data
  • Solid State Memory Storage - 1 x 8GB Class 10 SD Card (expandable to 64GB)
  • Multiple Recording Modes - Full Video Recording or Trigger/Event Recording
  • Built to withstand harsh conditions, shock, vibration, and variable temperatures
  • Easily mounts to windshield with rugged/compact design that allows for unobstructed driver view and requires no vehicle modification
  • Includes PC Software for full featured playback