COMMERCIAL Grade Car Black Box Recorder

by MotorSafetySupply
COMMERCIAL GRADE HD Color Dash Camera is a great addition for fleets.  Including a anti-tamper proof lockbox,  Coming standard with an embedded road view camera, color playback screen, and the capability to store 64GB of memory, this camera is great for defeating dangerous driving.
  • 1 Channel 1080P HD Color Dash Camera System
  • Embedded Road View Camera
  • GPS Location, Speed, G-Force, and Accelerometer captures driving data
  • Solid State Memory Storage - 1 x 8GB Class 10 SD Card (expandable to 64GB)
  • Multiple Recording Modes - Full Video Recording or Trigger/Event Recording
  • Built to withstand harsh conditions, shock, vibration, and variable temperatures
  • Easily mounts to windshield with rugged/compact design that allows for unobstructed driver view and requires no vehicle modification
  • Includes PC Software for full featured playback